Love Stubs are western-themed love coupons. Each one comes with a promise to fulfill a particular wish: breakfast in bed, an errands-free day, a full body massage, and much more! Give them to the one you love and express how much you love them!

Yup! That means they're inspired by the old west. Think cowboys, saloons, and gun fights! We chose typefaces reminiscent of the old west and combined them with new world desires!

Download the pdf (click the button to the right), print, cut and staple. Give the stubs to your partner. He/she in turn will give you a stub, can be tomorrow or even later in the year, and you will have to do what is written on the stub. It's like you gave your partner some future promises that they can cash in at a later date. They come in three low ink, printer-friendly colors: sunshine yellow, turquoise, and powder pink.

Product Information
36 Love Stubs in 12 designs
Adobe PDF File
File Size: 3.1mb

1. Adobe Reader
2. Bond paper or any tough cardstock (even better!)
3. Printer with ink

Send us photos of the love stubs in action through our twitter or facebook accounts and we'll give you extra awesome points. Or just send us a message!